Monday, 21 July 2014


I feel like the White Rabbit! I'm late, I'm late for Summer of Colour, for allll my classes (and I just bought another one.) But - ack, well. I'm getting on more than I have been of late. So lets celebrate that... oh and my Facebook page getting 200 likes! 

Did you know I was on Facebook? Well, I am. Still getting the hang of it - still wondering whether to just stick with my blog. But in the meantime, having a go at it. In between my posts of finished pieces here I show Works in Progress over there - I always think they would clutter up the blog. But would you like them here too? Or cool giveaways I find, or just ramble about the weather. 

I'm doing a custom Wonky Cat giveaway over there right now - ends Friday. Why not pop over and chuck your name in the hat? Just click the image below...
Right - back at it and one of those WIP's - the Mitsi B style canvas I mentioned in my WOYWW post. It's coming along. Blimey but she makes it look easy!

Thanks for stopping by today :)

Friday, 18 July 2014

Rocking My World Friday...

On Friday! Again! Getting to be a habit!

Well then so what made me smile this week?

  • Two - not one but TWO people compared my Summer of Colour face to Dr. Seuss's secret art. Can you imagine the amount of air punching and glee on this side of the PC screen? Can you? To be compared to this? Really? I don't think you can - this calls for a visit from happy cat!

I had never heard of Dr. Seuss's secret art but it's gorgeous - another book added to my wishlist - I prefer it to the well known stuff.

So. To those people - thank you.
  • I lost 5lbs this week and now fit into my size 16 jeans. You know - those ones that still have the tags on from when I bought them years ago? My most expensive pair of jeans at £16 (That's expensive to me.) They not only go past my thighs now. They go past my bum and they do up comfortably. Still with a little bit of muffin top so not wearable outside yet but enough for a little Happy Cat dance in them this morning.
I also went for a walk with my lovely friend yesterday. We walked along the beach and decided to take the steps up the side of the cliff and then to walk to the top of the cliff... And I did it. Without stopping, without feeling like I would have a heart attack and I had an amazing catch up with my friend in beautiful surroundings. I couldn't even have contemplated doing that a few weeks ago.
  • Craig , my girls and the Bear. Always.
  • I have been contemplating about adding this last grateful, whether people would think it in bad taste. But, it is my gratefuls so I am. 
My sister told me this week that one of our friends passed away. Suddenly. We don't know the full details yet and it's not my place to put it here anyway. But she was an amazing woman. An author, an actress and in training to be a stunt woman too. I had only seen her the week before - you might recall in my gratefuls that a friend had dropped some canvas and frames round for me to play with. That was her. A strange thing to put on a positives reflections post you might think. But reflect on her positively I have been. We weren't what you would call close friends, but still she had a hugely positive impact on my life. She was so encouraging of my art and in going for my dreams - like she was herself, I suppose.

I have found myself working more on my painting and drawing this week, making firm in my head what my dreams exactly are - not dwelling on "what if's" like I had been. (Still, what if I'd gone to art school, what if I had more time, what if... what if...) I have been bucking up my ideas. And doing stuff rather than wishing I was doing stuff. Because I'm here and I can and she would be if she was here. And it can all be taken away so quickly. Still, she has that positive reinforcement and that's why this is on my Rocking post this week. I'm choosing to dwell on her legacy and what she achieved and how she inspires, rather than anything else.

And for that I thank Virginia and Rocking Fridays. Why not have a little look back on your week and see what you can pick out to smile about?

Thanks for stopping by - how was your week?

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday...

Hello there. If you visited my sparkly clean, just purged shedio last week, you'll be pleased to learn I have broken it in with some *ahem* gentle paint throwing...
Whoopidooings: What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday #WOYWW
I'm working on a large Mitsi B inspired canvas board - I am doing her excellent class through Soul Food. I've stepped away at the moment to work on something else. Partly because my (obviously half rabbit) youngest two monsters keep nibbling through the wires on my earphones when they use the PC. So I cannot listen to my class till another pair arrive in the post... this time cordless. No, I cannot use my speakers as they wrecked those too! 

Also, to think about what to do next - I thought I'd gone overboard but thanks to some good friends advice to walk away and leave it rather than gesso over the whole thing... Well, they were right - I'm kinda loving it again. 

Fancy a zoom out for better rummage? Here we go...
Whoopidooings: What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday #WOYWW
Thank you for all your visits last week  - and to Princess Judy who said she'd encourage me to work through that stack of canvasses but I had to get my butt in gear too. (Or words to that effect.) Message heard. This canvas board was one of the stack and underneath the desk is an old shop printed canvas, gessoed, sanded and waiting to have new life breathed into it :)

Fancy snooping through some more desks and work spaces? Follow me over to Julia's where you'll find a snoopers paradise.

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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Summer of Color - Week Five

I'm posting on time, I'm posting on time! Eeeeh oh me daddyo, I'm posting on time!


The second to last week of the Summer of Color brought us the colour combo Red, Royal Blue & a smudge, splash or pop of Light Blue.

Do not ask me where this little fella emerged from in my subconscious... because I couldn't tell you. I have struggled mightily with the colours this week. This is the result of sitting down, flipping my sketchbook open to a page, grabbing something, anything, and just drawing.
Carmen Wing - Oil Pastels in my sketchbook
#18 of 40Portraits 
Oil Pastels
Kimberley 9xxB Pencil
The pages in my sketchbook were pre-gessoed and had the remnants of where I had cleaned stencils off a while ago. You can see kind of what it looked like in this picture on the opposite page.
Carmen Wing - Oil Pastels in my sketchbook
Cheeky little devil.

If you'd like to see what oodles of talented people have done with this colour combo then click here to see the list of participants - maybe take part yourself. Any medium is allowed.

Thanks for stopping by today :)
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