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Hello everyone :)  I took some pictures to show Claire. We'd been chatting about our work area's and stash (or lack of - these piccies show my entire stash) - then I realised what day it was so decided to link up to WOYWW. (It's been ages!) But this has turned into a mammoth post so please feel free to just skim the piccies.

I've linked to any artists/crafters that I've mentioned has made something and also there are a few links to things I've made. All piccies are clickable to enlarge for a virtual rummage.

Yes, my work area's I do try and keep this tidy just because I have come to the realisation that when it's messy I don't create. Believe me, it doesn't come naturally - the rest of the house does not follow the same rules.
My corner of the dining room. You can see why I have to try and keep tidy in here. That dinner table has to be pulled out every night. Space is a premium.
The football is mean old Mum commandeering it when it got to close to the TV one to many times.
Birdie corner on top of my shelves. The wire pigeon is made by Sparkflight and modelled on one of the pigeons Craig used to own. The felted birdies are by Felt Me Up Designs. I was lucky enough to win the owl in one of  her giveaways but bought the budgie for Craig one Christmas :) I hope to add a crow to our flock when I get a bit better on the sewing machine, there is a pattern for one in the Artful Bird book.
The green and yellow tote on top of the printer holds all my double sided tape - I say all, I'm down to one roll. And some masking tape, sellotape and fabric tape...  basically, any tapes get chucked in there. The lime green tote holds all my Copic pens. The sketchbook pile at the side of the printer grows depending where I'm playing in them, in here or out at the messy desk :)
Art above my desk. Am finally getting around to framing stuff. L - Charlie & Lola collage I made featuring Ruby. Middle - Box I made at a Jane Dean workshop. R - Painting done by Ruby which I love. Bottom is a motivational zombie ACEO bought from Little Black Heart. It's in  the frame Susie gave me for Christmas as part of the Secret Santa swap last year.
The picture on the end is one I love of my Mum on her wedding day... and I'm in her tummy :)

Next we go outside...
This is taken from the door of the workshop. This is my teeny tiny messy room/art studio that Craig 'made' for me. It's sandwiched between his Bird Room/aviary and office. It's 6' long - the length of the desk and I love it. The bike and hoover get chucked out the door into the garden when I'm in there ;)

The white hanging holder on the wall has my watercolours/watercolour crayons and gouache. The blue tote on the desk holds all my acrylic paints.

The wooden box on my desk  I turned on it's side to use as a shelf. It now holds canvasses and stuff that I've been prepping for backgrounds. The framed Bette Davis ACEO is by Donna and I love it, wanted it where I could always see it. The zombie ATC and the arch are by Mark when we swapped ATC's. (Well, he swapped, I messed his up and am re-doing!) The red lady is by Amy as are Maude & Marvin in the picture below :)
The crow lady is by Cameron, love her and the words on it! The piece on the bottom right is by Kay - also love the words on that :) I have a load more lovely cards and tags and things that other people have made but I want to get a pin board out here and some more frames so they are safely tucked away for now.
Well, there you go. Well done if you made it this far and thanks for stopping by :)


  1. OK - you win :D but only just! :D Once my conversion is completed and I've moved my stuff into one place, I'll share a picture. Shocked at how tidy and organised you are though - seriously impressed! :D Claire x

  2. OOOoo Carmen! This satisfies the voyeur in me ;) I loooove to look inside creative spaces and yours does not disappoint! I hope you're feeling well :)

    xo Jaime aka ArtsyFartsyMe but I've moved my blog to: www.jaimehaney.com
    come see me sometime =)

  3. What an awesome space (x 2!!) Thanks for the look-see. I have to be tidy too otherwise I have no room to cut out any fabrics etc etc. Hope you are keeping well and happy - not long now :)
    Hugs, LLJ #53 xx

  4. How lovely to be able to imagine you crafting away in all those wonderful spaces......where is the space for the pram? :-) :-) It wont be long now...wahoooooo
    A x

  5. Wow! Very tidy..and I'm so pleased the frame is being useful!
    You have a wonderful eclectic mix of things to inspire you there.
    Hugs xx

  6. Lovely to see you here again for WOYWW, Carmen! I love your outside space...have a great day. Helen, 6

  7. Happy woyww and thanks for the shout out. glad you liked the atc's. hope all goes well when you drop ;)
    happy crafting, mark

  8. OOoh, fascinating! Love a good snoop and I am another one who is impressed by how tidy it all is. Mine always looks like a bomb has hit it and not just in my crafting room, all around the house too! Love the idea of having work by others on display too, very inspirational. x

  9. Very organized and you have 2 spaces. Fantastic. #123

  10. Ooh, I love a nosey round other people's arty places. Yours is SO TIDY it's shocking! Love all the artwork you've got around, you have some very talented friends :)


  11. Thanks for the brilliant tour ....so much to look at ...glad you joined in this week. xx#70

  12. There is so much to look at here I'm going to come back! That's what happens when I try to make the dinner and read blogs at the same time..

  13. Love the tour of your art space! I also cannot create in clutter :) So I try to keep up with my desk! Thanks for sharing!

    Katie (116)

  14. argghh I can't believe I didn't come in.....should have told Niall we were staying for a cuppa...


    love your space & how you have laid it out,

    dxxx ( no desk donna this week)

  15. Hi Carmen. Your desk is lovely and tidy, not like mine at all. But you are right you can't create in a mess,

    Happy WOYWW

    Your newest follower
    Annie x

  16. Oh so organized , I used to think a "creative mess" was the way go but am now beginning to crave order but have a long way to go
    Toni #120

  17. Okay, I may have to do a little art room post....you've inspired me :)

    I love that you keep this space tidy and not the rest of the house....nice to know I'm not the only one with my priorities in that order ;P

  18. Well what a fab well organised crafty space you have. You can come and organise mine for me any day!! x Jo

  19. Oh wow, so much to look at and so well organised - and I love the football!

  20. Awesome! Awesome! I love seeing your workspace, thank you! xoxo

  21. My art room is so much more chaotic than this and I think you are right it stops me working there......am now painting in my conservatory!!!

    Big apologies Carmen... I thought I had added alerts on my blog for when you posted so have missed a few, have added a link now!!! Best of luck for the next couple of weeks whenever it happens!!! xx

  22. Great work space - I wish mine was so organised! Lovely to get a little glimnpse into your creative space! jenx

  23. Love this space! Mine is a lot more scattered, I take over the dining room table that has to be packed away for dinner. :)

    I have a ball on my fridge at the moment because I am mean as well, that made me laugh...I was also worried about our television. haha

  24. I think no matter where we are (even a shoe box)as long as we're doing what we love we can be happy with the space. Nice space and thanks for labeling everything I was thinking about doing that but then said just get the post up LOL! Tamika#14


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