29 Faces - Kick Off

I've seen the 29 Faces challenge around Blogland for a while now but always when it's a bit of the way through. It's starting again today so I'm jumping in. The challenge is to create 29 Faces within the 30 days of September. Any which way creatively - preferably human-ish faces. Hoping this will be a good way to be creative every day and try out some new techniques or brush up on my drawing.

29 faces
Ayala Art (the host) describes the challenge thus:

Get all your supplies ready to go. Make 29 faces in 30 days. 1 day of room to wiggle :oD

*Any style, any level of experience.
*All media welcome, all substrates.
*Unfinished projects are welcome too!

I'm still working my way through the ICAD challenge. (Even though the actual challenge is over.) I'm determined to have the full set of 61 cards... and also now, 29 faces - no more giving up half way through. 

So my first face is collage on a 6x4" index card.
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing: Collage & Doodled Face - 29 Faces (1/29)
Magazine cuttings (her dress is a sofa!)
Scrapbook Paper
Index card is one used for paint mop ups/smooshings
White gelli pen
Black Copic & Biro
I think she needs something more - a little light tattooing like Virginia's tattooed ladies maybe. Still - as a first quickie to get me started - she'll do for now while I ponder her.

Thanks for stopping by today - back soon with more faces :)


  1. Great to see you doing the 29face challenge. I am doing collage too so it will be great to see what you create next.


  2. Love her Carmen... gorgeous collage... and so looking forward to seeing your month of faces...

    Jenny ♥

  3. Wonderful collage,I especially love her hair. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your faces.

  4. So glad you are doing this Carmen. I'm just trying to sort out the linking - I'm never confident about these things but I'll do it today somehow!
    By the way, it's within 28 days, not 30.
    I've been looking forward to this because I love drawing faces above all other things.
    Your original approach to your face is marvellous, so original, and she has real character. But I think she's good without the tattoo, unless it's on her ankle, she looks that kind of girl. Sweet idea to have the little chick on her shoulder.

  5. She is very expressive!
    I think that it is the most important we are with now and we have time to paint many faces.
    This is so amaising :-)

  6. She's adorable!Love your work here!Hugs from Brazil!

  7. Great start to the challenge. I love the collage!

  8. Love the scrapbook paper hair ( I need to do that again myself, such a fun technique!) and the little bird on her shoulder! Can't wait to see more!

  9. really fun piece
    you chose a lovely face/lady to work with.

  10. I saw this on the facebook group I love the added detail esp that cute little yellow birdie - made me smile.

  11. Dear Carmen, love your collage with this fancyful hairs. Wonderful start in this challenge ♥

  12. So nice to see you in the 29 faces challenge! ♥

  13. Great start - can't wait to see more

  14. Great job of paper piecing and mixed media art.

  15. Your collage looks wonderful. I especially love her hair.

  16. love it, I am doing some collage, and paint as well,

  17. Great collage, Carmen. I'm looking forward to seeing the next 28 faces :)


  18. Very nice mixed media art. Collage is fun. Thanks.

  19. Hello Carmen, This is my first time in 29 faces and it's fun already!! I love your use of magazine printed, patterned objects for texture in this piece, it's one of my favourite ways to collage. I love it! Clare.

  20. She's great! And that little yellow bird ~ such a wonderful and curious focal pivot ~ LoVe it!

  21. she's fun. i love the collage addition and pen work. i'm glad you made it from day one this go around.

  22. Awesome collage! The most striking detail to me is the hair. Love the little birdie.

  23. I love this idea. Stunning. Love the hair. :)


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