Rocking My World (Several) Fridays

What is going on? I am losing all track of time. Remember that word for the year - Organisation, Organisation, Organisation! (It's quite foreign to me!)

This is a quick catch up of the last few weeks and what made me smile - so that I can get back on track-ish. :)

So let me think - what's happened?

At the end of February I turned 37 - Craig is horrified that he is with someone so positively ancient. Cheek. Spoilt rotten I was, with lots of arty presents in the form of stash, books and handmade gorgeousness from lovely people. Craig also gave me some pennies - specifically to be spent on stash. Yay. (I did take pictures and they are on my PC... somewhere!) 

I have been busy, busy, busy in my shedio now that the days are warmer - it's nice being able to leave the door open all day again so I can just potter about and pop out there when I can.

The Soul Food Class still inspiring me, still loving it and although I am behind with it - I am still doing it. And I am not alone in being one of the stragglers  so that's alright. When we moan about being behind we are told to enjoy it and absorb it at our own pace - all good stuff!

Went to my first ever ComicCon in London this week. I was supposed to be going with my sister and Devvie. On the day my sister was poorly - she was gutted, she hasn't missed one since they started. Devvie and I were nervous, being newbies to it. We needn't have worried. We really loved it, watching the artists drawing was my favourite part of the actual event. So good and totally unfazed with being watched. Plus, due to engineering works we ended up having to use 10 trains to get there and home again but we did it and never got lost once! Most chuffed we were. But my even best bit was meeting up with my bud Sarah. So good to see her and her boys.
Whoopidooings: Rocking my World Friday
And of course it would have been just rude not to buy any signed prints (I could have spent a fortune!) The Hulk and Walking Dead art is by Christopher Uminga.  And the zombie My Little Pony and Wonder Woman are by Zombie P.E.T.Z. I also treated myself to a cute little zombie bears comic - purely for the cover art. The Superman is a Des Taylor we picked up for Pheebs to frame. She is a Superman mad at the moment.
Whoopidooings: Rocking my World Friday - Comicon goodies
We'll definitely go again next year!

I'm also joining in with 100 Happy Days over on Facebook. You take a picture a day for 100 days of something that made you happy. These are my first twelve. Ties in really nicely with the positive thinking of Rocking Friday doesn't it? 
Whoopidooings: Rocking my World Friday - 100 Happy days

  1. View from a very busy desk - happy that my friend was coming in for a cuppa
  2. Sunshine on another busy desk (always makes me happy!)
  3. Being woken up by Craig with a cup of tea and a bubble bath! More sunshine, washing drying on the line, LOADS of shedio time when Craig and Devvie took Logan for a walk into town... no pictures of all this though so... another shedio pic
  4. My Mum's beautiful mini daffs in full bloom
  5. Craig had a workshop clearout so I inherited a fabulous trolley!
  6. The Bear extremely pleased with an unexpected toy gift he got in the post.
  7. Washing my paint cloth and realising it is my most used Christmas present by far - made me smile.
  8. An unexpected knock on the door bought me a box full of goodies from a prize win which included a satchel, a journal, pens and postcards.
  9. Silver crow visiting the garden out back, in amongst the fog he made a striking view.
  10. Comicon and meeting up with my bud Sarah :D
  11. A more chilled out day involving a walk around the neighbourhood insect spotting with The Bear. No piccies so this was him enjoying Daddy time, the day before.
  12. Strike a pose!
Other things I've been happy about over the past few weeks...
  • My back is at the lowest pain level (if you discount the mornings) for a long time.
  • Craig and the kids.
  • Buying a big sack of spuds and using what we have in the cupboards = a couple of cheap shopping weeks.
  • Slowly getting my corner of the living room under control and organised again.
  • New hair colour - always feel better after that.
  • Sunshine
  • Fig rolls
  • Book swaps
  • Friends both near and far away. On and offline. (Muchos squishies)
I think that probably brings me up to date. I know I am leaving bits out but at least I'm caught up! 
Going to (very belatedly) link up with Virginia now - why not pop over and join us?
Thanks for stopping by today :)


  1. Gosh, there's so much to look at in this post it makes for a lovely read!

    You got some gorgeous prints at Comic Con, I particularly like zombie Wonder Woman!

    100 Happy Days is such a positive smiley project to take part in and your photos REALLY sum you up :)


  2. I love your rocking posts, you always always celebrate everydays, and that reminds me that there are so many that could learn this. I'm loving the pics of The Beqr too, my he grows apace!

  3. I'm with Julia, I love your rocking posts - and agree that you have lots to be thankful for... I don't envy you 10 trains to get to the comic convention though... that's some chopping and changing. LOVE the way the Bear is growing up, he's a beaut !

    1. Welllll...5 trains there, 5 trains back. But an achievement for two uncoordinated peeps who could get lost in their own back yard :D

  4. Oh I love your list Carmen, Fabulous stuff!

  5. 37? looking good on it, Carmen, looking good on it :)
    ComicCon sounds brilliant. And Fig Rolls make me happy too. Nobody else here likes them half as much as I do

  6. Wonderful post!! Love the prints you bought and good to see that my birthday buddy has a sense of style...fabulous!!
    Hugs xx

  7. Wow lots going on! :) I've never been to a Con, but I hope to someday! :)

  8. Oh. Comic con. I am jealous. I have always been intrigued. So much to be glad for
    Lived the photos. Sorry...a stalkery day for me. :)

  9. Or loved rather than lived...though i am jealous i didn't live them!!


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