What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday or WOYWW?

Welcome to my desk. I hope you appreciate the contortion I had to do to get this view - imagine if you will, leaning backwards over a chair, against a shed wall, on tiptoes, arms and camera in the air - like a badly dressed ballerina hippo from some awful nightmarish version of Fantasia and you might be near. All for you. And there isn't even that much to see! 

Not had much of a chance to get out to the shedio this week yet. But there are some things to have a rummage through. The metallic canvas at the back is waiting for me to find some suitable packaging to send it on to it's new home. The spoon and wings on the mat are part of the blue and green canvas you can see behind the other one. Cola - well that's hidden out there for the weekend again.
Whoopidooings: What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday? WOYWW
I don't resize WOYWW pics - so click for  the bigger picture ;)
Ummmm... Olay box has been hoarded for years - my girls got me an Olay gift set for Christmas one year and I fell in love with the sturdy box it all came in. It's got a magnetic closure and everything. It's time has come to be revamped - am going to cover it in some way, just pondering at the moment - want to keep it flat so that it can be stacked on my shelves. It's to hold my drawing pens - perfect size it is. Indeed.

Sooo...any questions? Let me know. I am once again bringing up the rear from last week so if you get a random comment on the wrong week - that's me playing catch up with the lovely people that visited last week ;) Where are the days going? Honestly!

Thanks for stopping by today - if you'd like to see masses more creative spaces - follow me over to Julia's where there be bounty galore!


  1. I totally love the color of your wall behind your desk :) and the description of the how you got that angled shot was totally fun to read too. ~Stacy #83

  2. I have this vision of you tied up in knots - which won't do your back any good! Love the desk - and can't wait to see the altered box. Helen 9

  3. Hi Carmen...the shedo is your own space which is great to have...a bright sunny (hopefully) window for good light...what more do you need. Oh yes time. The Olay box reminds me I have a similar one stashed somewhere, must dig it out. Cheers and have a great week RobynO#38

  4. You have a very sunny spot! Have a very creative week!

  5. Seems like I was just here, but of course that was because I came late from last week. I have a sturdy box my friend gave me that had cosmetics OR facial creams or some such, but mine doesn't have a closure like yours. I want to see how you alter your Olay box, so maybe I'll get some inspiration.

    Thanks for visiting me earlier and happy WOYWW on Thursday from #2.

  6. It just looks so cosy and comfortable, with everything within reach. That's my kind of space

  7. There's a real warmth to your work desk, with plenty of natural light coming in. I can relate to your comment about time, because my schedule has been crazy since the beginning of the year. Blessings!

  8. what a fun creative space! Love your faux fantasia description too


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